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The Center for Evolutionary Biology and Medicine was founded in 2017 by 6 founding members in the School of Medicine. The Center quickly set out to stimulate interactions between evolutionary groups at the University through seminars and retreats. As momentum builds, the Center will offer a yearly award to catalyze research at the interface of medicine and evolutionary biology.

About CEBaM

The CEBaM aims to engage researchers who share a commitment to understanding the processes and products of evolution, and to use their expertise to benefit society, either through the application of scientific knowledge or contributions to education. The goal of the CEBAM is to nucleate and catalyze interdisciplinary research that uses evolutionary biology to advance medicine.

The Mission of the Center is to advance the fields of evolutionary biology and medicine by catalyzing research at their interface. The Center serves to cultivate educational and scientific collaborations between evolutionary biologists and biomedical researchers.

To achieve our mission, the Center will:

Unite the community of evolutionary biology researchers in Pittsburgh by establishing a dedicated seminar series, an annual retreat, a graduate training certificate, as well as providing an administrative home for MELD and TREE.

Engage the broader local biomedical community by providing entry-level workshops in evolutionary biology techniques and offering catalyst funding opportunities for trainees to engage in evolutionary medicine research.

Coordinate collaborative grant proposals for training and program research projects.

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For inquiries, please contact Kristie Bowman
 Phone: (412) 648-4058
 Email: KLB237@pitt.edu

  Seminars in Pittsburgh related to Evolutionary Medicine (mailing list signup)