Pittsburgh Center for Evolutionary Biology and Medicine (CEBaM)

The mission of the Center is to advance the fields of evolutionary biology and medicine by catalyzing research at their interface. The Center serves to cultivate educational and scientific collaborations between evolutionary biologists and biomedical researchers.

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Recent Publications

Rich A, Carvunis AR. (2023) De nova gene increases brain sizeNature Ecology & Evolution.

Cui X, Xue Y, McCormack C, Garces A, Rachman TW, Yi Y, Stolzer M, Durand D. (2022) Simulating domain architecture evolutionBioinformatics.

Xue-Ping Wang, Deidra M Balchak, Clayton Gentilcore, Nathan L Clark, Ossama B Kashlan. (2022)  Activation by cleavage of the epithelial Na+ channel α and γ subunits independently coevolved with the vertebrate terrestrial migrationElife.

Shields RK, Stellfox ME, Kline EG, Samanta P, Van Tyne D. (2022) Evolution of Imipenem-Relebactam Resistance Following Treatment of Multidrug-Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pneumonia. Clin Infect Dis.

Elgrail MM, Chen E, Shaffer MG, Srinivasa V, Griffith MP, Mustapha MM, Shields RK, Van Tyne D, Culyba MJ. (2022) Convergent Evolution of Antibiotic Tolerance in Patients with Persistent Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia. Infect Immun.

Van Oss SB, Parikh SB, Castilho Coelho N, Wacholder A, Belashov I, Zdancewicz S, Michaca M, Xu J, Kang YP, Ward NP, Yoon SJ, McCourt KM, McKee J, Ideker T, VanDemark AP, DeNicola GM, Carvunis AR. (2022) On the illusion of auxotrophy: met15⌂ yeast cells can grow on inorganic sulfur thanks to the previously uncharacterized homocysteine synthase YII058wJournal of Biological Chemistry.

Iovleva A, Mustapha MM, Griffith MP, Komarow L, Luterbach C, Evans DR, Cober E, Richter SS, Rydell K, Arias CA, Jacob JT, Salata RA, Satlin MJ, Wong D, Bonomo RA, van Duin D, Cooper VS, Van Tyne D, Doi Y.  (2022) Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in U.S. Hospitals: Diversification of Circulating Lineages and Antimicrobial Resistance. mBio.

Parikh SB, Houghton C, Van Oss SB, Wacholder A, Carvunis AR.  (2022) Origins, evolution, and physiological implications of de novo genes in yeast.  Yeast.

Nordstrom HR, Evans DR, Finney AG, Westbrook KJ, Zamora PF, Hofstaedter CE, Yassin MH, Pradhan A, Iovleva A, Ernst RK, Bomberger JM, Shields RK, Doi Y, Van Tyne D. (2022) Genomic characterization of lytic bacteriophages targeting genetically diverse Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates.  iScience.

Mudge JM, Carvuins AR, van Heesch S. (2022) Standardized annotation of translated open reading frames.  Nature Biotechnology.

Mustapha MM, Srinivasa VR, Griffith MP, Cho ST, Evans DR, Waggle K, Ezeonwuka C, Snyder DJ, Marsh JW, Harrison LH, Cooper VS, Van Tyne D. (2022) Genomic Diversity of Hospital-Acquired Infections Revealed through Prospective Whole-Genome Sequencing-Based Surveillance. mSystems.

Guenole A, Velilla F, Chartier A, Rich A, Carvunis AR, Sardet C, Simonelig M, Sobhian B.  (2022) RNF219 regulates CCR4-NOT function in mRNA translation and deadenylationScientific Reports.

Smith AB, Jenior ML, Keenan O, Hart JL, Specker J, Abbas A, Rangel PC, Di C, Green J, Bustin KA, Gaddy JA, Nicholson MR, Laut C, Kelly BJ, Matthews ML, Evans DR, Van Tyne D, Furth EE, Papin JA, Bushman FD, Erlichman J, Baldassano RN, Silverman MA, Dunny GM, Prentice BM, Skaar EP, Zackular JP.  (2022) Enterococci enhance Clostridioides difficile pathogenesis. Nature.

Club EvMed is a web series launched in April 2020 to keep the evolutionary medicine community connected during a time of pandemic-related social distancing. These regularly-held virtual meetings are styled around the idea of a journal club, with a different topic and discussion leader each time.

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